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The mission of the Detroit Restaurant Association is to lead the foodservice and hospitality industry in Detroit through advocacy, education and innovation.


As the DRA, we accomplish that by providing you with representation in front of Detroit city council, the Mayor’s office, and city departments. The DRA remains dedicated to representing the industry on a wide variety of issues. Examples include licensing and permitting, food safety, workplace regulations and other key business regulations.




“The Detroit Restaurant Association (DRA) represents the interests of the Detroit's foodservice and hospitality industry. We also serve as a source of information and education for Detroit hospitality industry owners. Decisions are made every day at the local level, and we are your direct voice to the Mayor’s office, city council and local departments.

Local ordinances and policy decisions that significantly impact your business are made every day. Too often, restaurateurs don’t know the impact until it’s too late. Detroit restaurants contribute over $686,676,000 to our city’s economy, and you deserve a say in the decisions that are made. The DRA is the only organization advocating for your voice at the local level. We connect our members to decision-makers, directly address their concerns and empower them to influence change.

The DRA has represented restaurants on the following issues:

  • Project Greenlight, Business Licensing and Permitting, Parking and Road Closures, Restaurant Scoring, Workforce Development and Talent Retention”
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